September 9, 2011

School Daze

This was the general, daily schedule upon returning to school/work.

4 a.m.: awake to screaming babe (who cannot find his pacifier in the dark)
5:30: second awakening, screw it, get up anyway, let him play and try to get dressed
6:30: second child awake, somehow husband is still asleep
7:00: leave the house (if I can find the keys)
7:30-3:30 *
3:30/4:00: kid pick up in two locations, multiple bags, balancing act of bags, kids, keys, etc.
5:00: remember to start dinner and put on table
6:00: dinner, more out of my seat than in it, much cajoling with toddler to sit and eat
6:30: clean-up of little faces and hands, table, dishes, floor, etc., begin thought prep for what to make for lunches
and dinner tomorrow
7:00: baths, general self-amusement by kids before bed, last gulps of milk, books, singing, etc.
8:15: sit. pee.  check phone for messages, texts, etc.  Maybe glimpse Facebook for kicks.
8:30: realize that my feet are throbbing, watch some t.v. and rub feet
9:00: make tomorrow's lunches, clean up kitchen, find kids' outfits for tomorrow, find my own, locate soiled clothes that need to get in and out of laundry by start of next workweek
10:00: shower so that I can save myself 15 minute tomorrow morning
10:15: read/prep for school, etc., try to prop open eyes with matches, toothpicks, or whatever's available
11:00: lights out. set alarm with hovering sense of irony that baby will wake up before it goes off.

*The school day--especially at a public high school--is one I happily invite you to witness for yourself.  I suggest you bring comfortable (but stylin') shoes, a lunch you can inhale, and some form of armor, as you just don't know what might fly your way in the hallway (an elbow, hot chocolate, etc.).