July 26, 2011

Staying UpBeet

A Sunday trip to the Rochester Public Market with my family in tow prompted a second look at my new friend, the beet.  This time, though, I was ready to get serious with the sanguine: I took a long look at the greens, whose veins are as red as their vegetable, and wondered what the heck I could do with them as I was hoping to have some kind of leafy edible on the plate at dinnertime.

Heath Googled what to do with beet greens while I shucked fresh corn and the kids... amused themselves in the living room. Heath announced that beet greens were not only edible, but a favorite green among many, and that the greens, like the red stems, are sweet.  Beet greens, apparently, can be prepared like spinach.  I washed them and put them into the saute pan with some olive oil and salt, turned on the heat, and waited to see what happened.

We were so enthused about using the entire vegetable--a bunch of four, enormous beets cost $4.50 (local, organic farmer)--from root to leaf, that Heath got some tuna steaks out and made a crunchy, peppery rub for each of them, and turned on the grill.  We love it when an unplanned dinner comes together.

These were so delicious that I can confirm that nothing really needs to be done with these.  They do cook down fast, and what looks like too much cooks down to almost nothing.  I added my roasted beets to the mix (after taking the greens out of the pan) and finished it with a teensy bit of basting sauce (garlicky, but again, not necessary).  Grilled tuna steaks, fresh corn from the farm lady in Henrietta, fresh cherries, beet green salad, an ambery beer, and pineapple popsicles for dessert.  A heavenly summer supper.


monica gebell said...

Melissa Gibson says:
I just read your beet post--I am obsessed with beets! Especially the teeny ones I grow in my sidewalk garden. My favorite whole-beet prep: When you saute the greens in olive oil, add some red wine vinegar (enough to make it tangy). Serve them mixed with the roasted beets, and top with a bit of goat cheese and fresh dill. Yum! If I could send my teeny beets to you across the interwebs, I would. :)

Sejal said...

YUM. Miss you, Mon.