July 7, 2011

From Farm to Table: Baby Beets

It didn't occur to me to take a picture of the actual beets I bought at the neighborhood Farmer's Market yesterday, because I was totally entranced by their teensy tiny size, their reddish-golden hues, and their sweet-smelling leaves.  {This is a photo of the beets they were next to, which were equally tempting.}

What to do with beets?

Baby food.
Tie dyeing kitchen towels accidentally.

I just roasted up the baby beets for about 10 minutes, under the broiler.  My house smelled like someone was smoking something illegal, but also, it smelled earthy and as sweet as the raw leaves had promised (I chopped those off of course before putting them in the oven).

Pics to come, but hopefully the baby likes his side dish tonight.  I for one will be happy to see something new in my spinach salad.

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