April 5, 2011

Getting Ready for Spring, Home, Heart, and Head

I hate the very word "cleaning," let alone doing it.  But here we are again: the air outside is starting to get that damp, warm heaviness to it and I left the house today without a jacket.  Crocuses are starting to pop up in odd places like our backyard and between cracks in the driveway: Nature is one persistent mistress!  Theoretically, I should be starting to shake out some rugs and wipe down my windows, but I'm not quite there yet.

So I've invited some inspiring guest bloggers to introduce new ways of thinking about spring cleaning how we can make ourselves a little healthier when the weather starts to warm up.  We'll have some tips from Certified Health and Nutrition Coach Rachel Brownlee, who hails all the way from North Carolina (and judging from our correspondence, is just a really lovely person all-round); some pointers from Certified Professional Organizer (and old friend) Erika Salloux, and other Certified fabulous people, too.

I hope that A&B readers will be as inspired as I've been by these guest bloggers.  Happy Spring!

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