March 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday: Margherita Pizza

I'm trying to use up as many of my pantry items as possible before Passover so that I don't have to schlep them to another part of the house (usually the basement, and it's literally a pain).  Here's this week's thrown-together dinner which, as far as I'm concerned, involves veggies and proteins in some forms, so I don't feel too guilty about knocking down more than I should have.

What you need:

Pizza crusts (or sure, make your own, show-off)
tomato sauce (if you have the time, make that yourself too)
fresh basil
smoked mozzy
balsamic onions

Margherita pizza is usually not much more fuss than a simple crust, sauce, mozzarella, and basil, the last few of those ingredients representing the Italian flag.  Happy lazy Sunday, and mangia!

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