March 2, 2015

****{It's All Happening}**** Our ticket site is LIVE!

Remember how much you loved to be read to when you were a kid?

I am visualizing our auditorium on May 8th: a rapt audience, our beautiful cast, and their stories, so lovingly and carefully woven to connect one another. Readers who read with purpose, telling their truths, and listeners anticipating every next word, who find themselves saying "me too!"

 I can't wait.

Our LTYM is about to head into auditions (TODAY!) and our ticket site is LIVE, yo! Head on over to read all about it, and to see today's featured story.


January 28, 2015

Spotlighting: Writers & Books, Our Home for Auditions

We didn’t have far to look for an audition venue here in Rochester. We wanted:
a place that welcomes all peopleWABpic;
a place that welcomes writers;
a place that connects people with their words and others’ words;
a genuinely cozy, comfortable, creative spot. We wanted to hold auditions at Writers and Books, the crown jewel of Rochester’s grassroots, literary movement.
Located in the heart of Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts, Writers and Books is the spot to meet your writing guru and introduce words to the memories, ideas, and emotions that you carry around but haven’t yet put to paper. (They also run a ton of fabulous programs, so be sure to check out their online catalogue.)
Writers and Books has something for everyone: teens, new writers, veteran writers, closet writers, voracious readers, poetry fanatics and people who just love the written word. At some point or another–if you haven’t already–you’re going to want to take one of WAB’s fabulous writing offerings. Writing a novel? Writing your memoirs? Machinating your own manifesto? Trying your hand at poetryJust want to sit in and listen about a good book? Yeah, they got that. And a plethora of potential picks to pen your purple prose.
One favorite? Try “Where Motherhood and Writing Meet,” offered by local literary force Sally Bonn–a six-week course devoted to helping you pen your experiences with one of the World’s Hardest Jobs in a most supportive environment. And: the course runs prior to our auditions… so you never know if you might get a great LTYM piece out of it!
Seriously: we love this place, and we love the people who make it run. There’s simply nowhere else in the world you’re going to find an old firehouse with a giant pencil and a poetry booth just outside. Our sincere thanks to Writers & Books for our audition space! Sign up–space is limited for our March 2nd, 7th, and 14th auditions. See you at 700 University Avenue!
Featured video: Sabine Brown’s “On Being Just a Stay At Home Mom”

January 13, 2015

Clang clang! TIME TO WRITE! Listen To Your Mother: Rochester Wants YOU!

How exciting is it to be Co-Directing the Rochester production of Listen To Your Mother?

For one, I'm SHAKING with anticipation: when I imagine our show, live and on the Memorial Art Gallery's auditorium stage on May 8th, I envision a beautiful cast of all kinds of people, sharing their poignant, funny, moving, heartbreaking, and bonding stories of the job called Motherhood.

Sarah Fitzgibbons, Emily Horowitz, Corrie Spike Carter, and I have joined forces to bring you an entertaining and fulfilling evening. Our event, as do all 38 other cities' shows, will generate proceeds for two, important, local organizations: The Rochester Society for the Protection and Care of Children, and Parenting Village. In supporting these organizations, we support women and children in the greater Rochester area.

Want to READ ALL ABOUT IT? Check out our local LTYM page, SUBSCRIBE, and be sure to visit our YouTube channel for hundreds of archived stories. (Seriously: prepare to sit and watch for a while--and bring the tissues.) Here's a taste: K. Marie Woodberry's "Braveheart."

We hope to see you at auditions (WRITE! NOW! WRITE! NOW!), and we can't wait to see you at the show!