December 14, 2014

Hanukkah Hoopla II: LIGHT

Stay tuned, as the A&B will be shedding light on LIGHT. Hanukkah Hoopla is BACK! Woot!!

Meanwhile, at Mamalode...

Wait, what?

Yes, that's my story, over there on Mamalode. You can read it here and share your Picture Day horror stories with me. Leave a comment and share, pass it on. Thanks, readers! 

November 16, 2014


So apparently, people are asking my husband if I've left teaching forever and have started directing a play.

That's not quite it.

I'm still a full-time English teacher (happily!), and have taken on a new project.

I'll be co-directing our local Listen to Your Mother show in May, 2015! LTYM was born of the imagination of National Producer Ann Imig, because she felt that "mothers deserve more than brunch on Mother's Day."

Listen to Your Mother is a live reading by real people (not actors) who share stories about motherhood, and Rochester's cast will be one of 39 around the country who'll be reading on Mother's Day weekend. Our production team includes Emily Horowitz, Sarah Fitzgibbons, and Corrie Spike Carter: and together, we're a pretty fabulous lot!

Our show will be on May 8, 2015 at the Memorial Art Gallery!

Stay tuned for information about auditions, cast bios, sponsor profiles, and more here.

For more about what this show is all about, and a taste of some LTYM stories, click here.

See you in May!